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New Miley Cyrus Songs 2015 List

Born as Destiny Hope Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, daughter of country singer Robbie Ray Cyrus (with Dolly Parton as her godmother) is an American songstress, television personality and actor best known for the show Hannah Montana. Miley Ray Cyrus shot to fame after her lead role with Emily Osment in Disney’s teen show Hannah Montana although she had been acting ever since she was two years old. After being involved in controversies for her risqué behavior and antics, Cyrus turned her life around after being diagnosed with bipolar personality and eating disorders. Latest Miley Ray Cyrus songs 2015 Cant be tamed and her subsequent album having he hit Party in the USA received tremendous acclaim.

New Miley Cyrus Songs

Top Miley Cyrus songs are often inspired by her life as a celebrity, the constant attention that she gets from the paparazzi as a result of that, her emotions and feelings towards her fans as well as her love for life. Her lyrics talk about the perks of being a celebrity starlet while being constantly hounded by the media attention that nit-picks each of her public appearance. She also mentions issues such as bullying, self mutilation and self harm, urging her fans to get help if they face depression or any eating disorders. Enjoy the list of Miley Cyrus Songs 2015.

List of Miley Cyrus Songs 2015

Party in the U.S.A.
Forgiveness and Love
We Live The Dream
The Best Of Both Worlds (2009 Movie Mix)
We Got The Party
The Best Of Both Worlds (New Version)
Unlucky Life
Pop Princess by The Click FiveMonologue Song
My Beuty
Pumpin’ Up the Party
No Quieras
Por Ti Daría
No Stopping Me
Only Hope

list of Miley Cyrus Songs continues …………….

Not This Girl
Old Blue Jeans
Ocean Breaze
The Bone Bance
Twist And Turn
The Driveaway
What’s Not to Like
The Fairytale Ending
You And Me Together
The Good Life
The Climb
Simple Song
Permanent December
Talk Is Cheap

list of Miley Cyrus Songs continues …………….

Can’t Be Tamed
When I Look At You
Kicking and Screaming
Butterfly Fly Away
Hoedown Throwdown
My Heart Beats For Love
Who Owns My Heart
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

list of Miley Cyrus Songs continues …………….

7 Things
Two More Lonely People
Full Circle
Take Me Along
See You Again
The Driveway
Bottom of the Ocean
Fly on the Wall
You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
These Four Walls
Liberty Walk
Wake Up America
Every Rose Has Its Thorn

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Most of the best Miley Cyrus songs albums talk about her  feelings as a normal girl, connecting with the younger audience, making a mark on the young teens that look up to her as their idol. Though her public image is often ridden with controversy, she makes it a point to clear the air through her songs, often expressing her thoughts in an unguarded way that she often keeps bolted inside her. With fans that look up to her and the paparazzi that adores her, Miley Ray Cyrus has made a mark on the music industry worldwide as a successful pop singer amidst intense competition. Thanks for joining the list of Miley Cyrus Songs.

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