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Best Action Movies 2015 List

People who are a movie freak generally enjoy watching a good action movies. Movies have become an eternal part of the lives of the people. People try to relate themselves with the movies and hence look like a character which they think they want to be. Movies are of many types. Some different types of movies are action movies, romantic movies, comedy movies and many other categories are defined. However, one generally prefers to watch some of greatest action movies because of their popularity. Basically, what action movies contain is a story which is filled of fights and different types of action scenes.

Best Action Movies 2015 List

The public generally enjoys these scenes and hence the directors and the producers are motivated to make such kind of movies. Action films generally receive a very good response from the people and hence it is the most common phenomena of the film industry to produce these movies. Moreover, English action movies are a great hit because they involve a huge amount of animation and difficult action scenes which are cheered by the public with great enthusiasm. Some of the great action films from Hollywood are Terminator, The Dark Night Returns and many more to go. Now find the List of Action Movies.

List of Best Action Movies 2015

1.    Man of Steel (2015)
2.   Star Wars: Episode III
3.   Independence Day (2015)
4.   Kick-Ass 2
5.   World War Z
6.   The Wolverine
7.   Riddick
8.   The 6th Day – Arnold Schwarzenegger
9.   Taxi 2 – Samy Naceri
10. The Accidental Spy – Jackie Chan
11.  Kiss of the Dragon – Jet Li
12.  Bad Company – Chris Rock
13.  Cobra – Sylvester Stallone
14.  Blade II – Wesley Snipes
15.  Spider-man – Tobey Maguire
16.  Steal – Stephen Dorff
17.  Predator – Arnold Schwarzenegger
18.  2 Fast 2 Furious – Paul Walker
19.  Wanted – James McAvoy
20.  Biker Boyz – Laurence Fishburne
21.  The Hulk – Eric Bana
22.  Die Hard – Bruce Willis
23.  Kill Bill Vol. 1 – Uma Thurman
24.  Terminator 3 – Arnold Schwarzenegger

The List of Top 10 Action Movies

1.   The Bodyguard – Petchtai Wongkamlao
2.   The Rock – Sean Connery
3.    Robot – Will Smith
4.   Kung Fu Hustle – Stephen Chow
5.   Silver Hawk – Michelle Yeoh
6.   Torque – Martin Henderson
7.   The Myth – Jackie Chan
8.   Mercury Man – Parinya Kiatbusaba
9.   Snakes on a Plane – Samuel L. Jackson
10. Ong Bak 2 – Tony Jaa
11.  Assault Girls – Rinko Kikuchi
12.  Avatar –     Sam Worthington
13.  Rambo – Sylvester Stallone

More Movies Joining Soon in The List of Best Action Movies

The list is endless. Moreover, the Bollywood has also succeeded in making many good Hindi action movies. It has learned very much from its foreign counterpart and has produced certain action movies, which have got an excellent public response. In the recent years, many action movies have received very good responses on the box office. Some of the recent action films include Dabangg, Bodyguard, Wanted, Don-2 and the list is endless. People enjoy these kinds of movies and hence every year there are at least two to three action movie produced in the hindi film industry. People also do not forget to take their regular doses of popular action films. Thanks for joining the The List of Best Action Movies 2015, good day…..

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