New Pitbull Songs – Top 10 Songs List

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Top 10 Pitbull Songs List

The rapper who is infamous for his bad boy habits, attained popularity at a comparatively young age. He had a very troubled childhood as he was brought up by his single mother who also threw him out of her home when she found him involved in drugs and other activities. Pitbull had attained a basic graduation from Coral park High School and didn’t attend his college after that as he wanted to focus more on his passion- rapping.

Pitbull SongsAll new Pitbull songs have a lot of energy, party enthusiasm and glitz attached to them. There are a number of popular Pitbull songs that have topped the charts for a long period of time and they have portrayed the spirit of that time period very well. In 2001-03, he came up with Like Records, Pitbull Cuban Ride out which was his earliest popular  songs and helped rise rap songs culture. Now we are presenting list of new Pitbull songs.

New Pitbull Songs

Back in Time
Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor)
Bon, Bon
International Love
Tu Cuerpo
Don’t Stop The Party
Feel This Moment
Game On
Get It Started
Vida 23
The Anthem
I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
Hotel Room Service
MujeresRain Over Me
Shut It Down
Give Me Everything (Tonight)

More Songs will enter soon in this list of Pitbull songs.

Top Pitbull Songs

“Give Me Everything” (2011) featuring Ne-Yo, AfroJack, and Nayer
“I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” (1999)
“International Love” (2011) featuring Chris Brown
“Back In Time” (2012)
“Bon Bon” (2010)
“The Anthem” (2007) featuring Lil Jon
“Hotel Room Service” (2009)
“Culo” (2004) featuring Lil Jon
“Hey Baby (Drop It To the Floor)” (2010) featuring T-Pain
“Krazy” (2008) featuring Lil Jon

In 2004-05, the debut album of Pitbull was released named M.I.A.M.I which was a major hit. Other important top Pitbull songs of this time were Shake, Hit the floor, Everybody Get up, etc. Most hit Pitbull songs include Hey you girl, Hurry up and Wait, International Love, Intro, Miami Shit, Jungle Fever, Midnight, Pause, Rain Over Me and many more. During his career, Pitbull has done many successful world tours with eminent musicians and pop stars.

Pitbull Songs ListThe recent Pitbull songs include Don’t’ Stop the Party, Watch You, Getting it Started, I m all yours. Pitbull has also been associated with many popular movies like Men in Black. Pitbull has featured in many music videos and advertising campaigns for Walmart which have recorded to get maximum Facebook likes.  While working in collaboration with Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Jay Sean, best Pitbull songs have been produced and loved by a large mass.

Pitbull New Songs 2015 List

Weddings songs are very special songs which are very dear to the ones who are getting married. All has to be loved on this day which includes the cool selection of songs on the wedding day. These days, hit Pitbull songs are present in all selection of wedding song list 2015.

Pitbull New Albums 2015

Just come again n again for latest additions to the wedding songs numbers by Pitbull. There is new songs store for you apart from the new songs  list 2015 given above. So stay alive and watch out for more best Pitbull performance of music. Enjoy list of new Pitbull songs

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